Online Awareness session on Organ Donation along with Garbh Sanskar Program of Gayatri Mahila Mandal, Gayatripith Nagpur

On 19th July 2020, MOHAN Foundation in association with Transplants – Help The Poor Foundation conducted an Online Awareness Session on Organ Donation along with Garbh Sanskar Program of Gayatri Mahila Mandal, Gayatripith, Nagpur. They arranged webinar through zoom.


Ms Prarthana Dwivedi addressed the gathering and gave a brief introduction on MOHAN Foundation to all the participants.The presentation covered organ & tissue donation and also difference between cardiac & brain death. Ms Prarthana also explained the following points:

  • Organ donation types and who can be a donor
  • Difference between natural death and brain death
  • Importance of Organ & Tissue Donation.
  • How ZTCC, SOTTO, ROTTO and NOTTO coordinates in Organ Donation
  • Real life stories of an organ transplant recipient
  • Myths with corresponding facts related to Organ Donation
  • Importance of the Donor Card
  • Helpline number of MOHAN Foundation


It was an interactive session. The entire group was motivated to support organ donation. Around 426 participants from various parts of Maharashtra and Uttarakhand (Haridwar) participated in the program. We would like to thank Mrs.Uma Sharma for inviting us and supporting the cause of Organ Donation.


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