Awareness Webinar Session on Organ Donation at Herbalife Nutrition Center, Nagpur

On 29th May 2020, MOHAN Foundation in association with Transplants – Help The Poor Foundation conducted an awareness webinar on organ donation at Herbalife Nutrition center, Nagpur. Mr. Deepak Bala (Coach) arranged the webinar through Zoom.

Ms Prarthana Dwivedi introduced MOHAN Foundation, its mission, vision and objectives. She sensitized the members about the concepts of organ donation, why, who and when is it done? She also explained the types of death viz. Cardiac and Brain Death. She then explained the organs and tissues that can be donated in both types of Death. She also described that tissue donation (skin & eyes) can take place even at home which caught attention of the participants. She also discussed about Organ Donations that can happen when a person is declared Brain Dead. She spoke about the number of lives that can be saved by sharing few examples of successful transplant stories.

Ms Prarthana addressed the myths about Organ Donation that the public have and how we can debunk them by illustrating the real facts about Organ Donation. "How transparent is organ allocation to the persons on waiting list", "Are transplant services available in government hospitals?" were a few of the many queries raised during the session. Ms. Prarthana was able to solve all the queries promptly.

About 60 participants attended the webinar and about 10 took the pledge online. We thank Mr Deepak Bala for inviting us and supporting the cause of Organ Donation.


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