Awareness session on organ donation at Sant Parmanand Hospital, Civil Lines, New Delhi

On December 9, 2019, MOHAN Foundation was invited to conduct an awareness session on organ donation for the doctors, nurses and technical staff of Sant Parmanand Hospital in Civil Lines, New Delhi. Dr. Nidhi Sareen (Medical Superintendent, Sant Parmanand Hospital) took the initiative to organize the session. Dr. Muneet Kaur Sahi was the resource person and she was accompanied by Ms. Preeti Goswami, Programme Officer, MOHAN Foundation.


Sant Parmanand Hospital is a multi-super speciality hospital located in the heart of Delhi, backed by a team of dedicated doctors of national and international repute. It is home to The Delhi Institute of Trauma and Orthopedics, founded by the hospital’s Executive Director and Chief Surgeon, Dr. Shekhar Agarwal, a celebrity in orthopedic circles and recipient of the prestigious Dr. B.C Roy Award in Medicine. 


Ms. Nitya Batra (Microbiologist) addressed the audience and introduced the MF team. She then invited Dr. Sareen to address the participants who informed them about the importance and need of organ donation especially in the hospital set up. She shared with the audience that she had pledged for eye donation 5 years back and that she was carrying her donor card. She then invited Dr. Muneet to begin the session.  


The session started with the showing of a movie titled “Thank you” which evoked a positive response and created an immediate connect with the audience.


Dr. Muneet spoke about her association with MOHAN Foundation and its role in creating awareness in the field of organ donation since 1997. She asked the participants if they had heard about organ donation and also inquired if any one amongst them and in their families, had signed up to be an organ donor. Many people raised their hands in affirmation of having heard about organ donation. Mrs. Neel Kamal (Head of Nursing) shared that she had pledged for eye donation many years ago at a time when people were not aware of organ donation.


Following basic concepts of organ donation were addressed with the help of a powerpoint presentation: -

  • Organ donation and its need in the society
  • When and how does organ donation take place
  • Organ donation scenario comparison between southern & northern states of India
  • Brain death
  • Transplant Law
  • Organs that can be donated during life and after death


Before explaining the concept of brain death, the participants were asked – is a brain-dead person dead or alive. There were mixed replies. After which a video on brain death was shown that brought clarity to the said subject. 


She then explained the role of hospitals in organ donation. She elaborated on the following points:

  • Requirement of a brain death committee if the hospital has to start its deceased organ donation programme.
  • What do the hospitals / transplant surgeons/ transplant coordinators have to do in an organ donation case?
  • How and where to apply for registration of hospital as a transplant or a non-retrieval transplant centre?


The session went on for an hour and close to 50 participants attended the talk. 


In the end, Dr. S. Rajagopal (Executive Director, Sant Parmanand Hospital) gave the vote of thanks. He appreciated the efforts of the Foundation in creating awareness on such an important but underplayed out area. He also felicitated the MF representatives with a potted plant.


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