MOHAN Foundation Mumbai receives award from ZTCC Mumbai, on the occasion of its 19th anniversary

MOHAN Foundation was invited by ZTCC Mumbai for an event marking 19th anniversary of their foundation day (31st March 2019). This program was scheduled to felicitate the deceased donor families, all Transplant Coordinators, Hospital Administrators, Intensivisits and NGO’s working selflessly in the field of Organ Donation.

Mrs. Sujata Ashtekar introduced all dignitaries present on the Dias. Shri Pradeep Kumar Vyas (Principal Secretary Public Health Department Government of Maharashtra), Dr.Satish Pawar (Additional director NHM), Dr.Karanjekar, Dr.G B Davar, Dr.Vatsala Trivedi, Dr.Bharat Shah, Dr.Anup Yadav, Dr.Tatyarao Lahane (Director of DMER), Dr.Pravin Shingare (Retired Director, DMER) were present on the Dias.

Dr S.K. Mathur started the session describing the philanthropy of ZTCC and the efforts they had taken to build the system to a level which is well organised and transparent.

Shri Pradeep Kumar Vyas secretary insisted on the idea of affordable transplant cost for all the patients.

One of the donor family members requested ZTCC to replace the word “donation” from Organ Donation so as to call it "GIFT" i.e. Organ Gift.

Shri  Anup Yadav, senior IAS officer focused on brigading the gap between cadaver list and cadaver donors by creating more awareness amongst the society through social media, awareness talks, motivational seminars and social events.

All the dignitaries felicitated the NGOs as they contribute tirelessly and form backbone of the Organ Donation program. About 60 hospitals Transplant Coordinators, Hospital Administrators, Intensivisits and all the donor families were felicitated.

MOHAN Foundation also received the award for the substantial work done over past two decades and contributed in the field of Organ Donation.


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