3rd Volunteer Training Workshop, ‘Angels of Change’ conducted at Somaiya Nursing College, Sion

On 7th September 2018, MOHAN Foundation Mumbai was invited by Principal of Somaiya Nursing College, Mrs. Avani Oke and its professor, Mrs. Priyanka Godake for conducting the 3rd ‘Angels of Change’ volunteer training workshop for their nursing students.


Mrs. Jaya Jairam and Mrs. Jigisha Yadav conducted the workshop for 31 students. Mrs. Jaya Jairam began by sharing  what is expected from them as volunteers and how they can contribute. The students then played a mind mapping game. The concepts of organ donation, brain death, circulatory death, which organs and tissues can be donated, etc. were covered by Mrs. Jaya Jairam. Brain death video was shown.


Mrs. Jigisha went on to discuss a few myths and facts in organ donation. A few inspiring videos of organ donation were also shown. The students then wrote a thank you letter to the donor family. Thereafter an Organ Donation Pathway game was played.


Mrs. Jaya Jairam shared her story of kidney failure and how she could come out of it thanks to her mother who donated a kidney. A few students felt emotional after this session. The students were then invited to share their ideas on how they would present and where they would put this knowledge to use.


The students have taken it upon themselves to spread awareness and participate in MOHAN Foundation’s activities. Mrs. Priyanka Godake appealed to the students to incorporate these concepts in their everyday lives, especially since they will begin working with various hospitals once they graduate.


We are grateful to Mrs. Avani Oke and Mrs. Priyanka Godake for their strong support to the cause of organ donation.


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