Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, Andheri invites MOHAN Foundation & VPS Techub Pvt Ltd to speak on ‘Organ Donation in India using Technology’

On 3rd Aug 2018, Principal of S.P.I.T (Bhavan’s College campus), Dr Prachi Gharpure invited MOHAN Foundation to speak on “Organ Donation in India using Technology”. The audience consisted of teaching and non-teaching staff of S.P.I.T.

VPS Techub Private Limited, a startup venture has developed software that can generate Donor Pledge Cards Online by capturing their information from their Aadhar Card.

Ms. Urvee Chaudhary an intern with VPS Techub introduced their activities and how they have taken up grass-root projects especially in rural Maharashtra. She then invited Mrs. Jaya Jairam to talk about Organ donation.

Mrs.Jaya Jairam introduced MOHAN Foundation, its vision and activities. She went on to explain the concepts of organ donation, who can donate, which organs can be donated, why is it important to think of organ donation. She also touched upon a few myths and facts.

When asked whether any of the audience had come across anyone suffering from end stage organ failure, one of the professors in the audience, Mrs. Sukanya K., shared her own experience of how her husband was detected with chronic kidney failure and as to how her own mother saved her husband’s life to donating one of her kidneys to him. The audience applauded her family. Thereafter, Mrs. Jaya Jairam shared her own story of how her mother saved her life by donating one of her own kidneys to her.

One of the founders of VPS Techub, Mr. Gunarjun Singh Chawla concluded by sharing how startup organisations such as theirs have been actively working with NGOs and government hospitals to capture and integrate data management.

A few took the pledge, including Mrs. Sukanya, while others decided to discuss with their lovedones first and then take the pledge online.

MOHAN Foundation thanks Dr Prachi Gharpure, Ms. Pallavi Malame (professor at S.P.I.T), Ms. Prutha Atre and Mr.Gunarjun Singh Chawla (both Directors at VPS Techub) for their continued support for the cause.


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