Awareness Session on Organ Donation at Government P.G. College, Gurgaon

On February 3, 2018 MOHAN Foundation was invited by Government P.G. College, Sector 9, Gurgaon to conduct an awareness session on organ donation for its students. The resource person for the session was Dr. Muneet Kaur Sahi and she was accompanied by Ms. Mareena Thomas, Programme Officer. The session was organized by Capt. Raj Kumar, in-charge of the NCC wing in the college.


One week before the session, a small rally was taken out in the college which was themed on organ donation. Due to which there were huge posters on organ donation displayed around the college. The session started with Dr. Muneet showing the video on brain death following which she explained how organ donation is only possible in the case of brain death and how it is different from coma. The session focused on concepts of organ donation and transplantation, the law (THO act), brain death and its causes, myths around organ donation and tissue donation. A very intense discussion followed the presentation and numerous queries were raised. Questions were asked on brain death, within what time can different organs be donated, whom to be contacted and within how many hours of death. The participation level of the students was very high and they came up with very impressive responses to the questions asked. Their queries stemmed from genuine interest and the need to know about the subject.


At the end of the session, the students were informed about the government pledge form number 7 that requires the signature of one of the family members. Once submitting the dully filled form in return the person will be issued a government donor card. Though the same would ensure the entry of the name in the national donor registry, organs will only be retrieved after getting consent from the family members at the time of the death. Thus it was a prerogative to discuss the same with one’s family and get there consent. A NCC cadet was allotted the duty to collect the filled form 7 and submit it to the foundation that would further forward it NOTTO (National Organ Tissue and Transplant Organization) that issue the government donor card


After the session Capt. Raj Kumar and another student recited self composed poem on organ donation. The poem sung by student can be heard in the link provided.


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