Awareness Talk on Organ Donation at Carmatec IT Solutions, Bengaluru

On 5th Jan 2018, MOHAN Foundation conducted a talk at Carmatec IT Solutions, Bellandur Main Road, Bangalore from 2.30 to 4.30 pm.  Carmatec’s portfolio of services  include web design and development services through ColorCuboid.  

About 15 employees attended the awareness talk conducted by Mr. V. Krishnan of MOHAN Foundation. The participants were taken through a talk cum presentation covering the basics of both Cardiac and Brain death with videos, ischemic time for various organs, how many lives can be saved and many myths of organ donation were dispelled. MOHAN FOUNDATION Brochures were distributed as also the Donor cards.

A few interesting questions posed by the participants:

1: How does one have an update on the health of the brain dead patient and the quality of the organs before the organs are harvested?

2. A few of them expressed that they would like to be a Donor only if their organs after their Brain Death go to a poor recipient? Is there any provision for directing the organ to the poor in the waiting list out of turn?

3. How the Registration Process works thru MOHAN FOUNDATION?

Some of the senior employees expressed a keen desire to work jointly with MOHAN FOUNDATION  to promote the cause of organ donation.   


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