Talk on Organ Donation during Madras Week celebrations

Dr. Sunil Shroff, Managing Trustee of MOHAN Foundation was invited to speak on the Journey of Organ Donation in Madras on 25th August 2017 at 7pm by Madras Musings as part of the Madras Week celebrations. Staff from MOHAN Foundation coordinated the full program. The program started with issuing the green ribbons to the audience as in “I support Organ Donation”. 20 people attended the public function.

While the audience was settling down, an animation video was played on Introduction to organ donation.  The participants were very interested to understand more about the topic. Dr. Sunil Shroff started the topic with speaking about Hitendran who was the eye opener for Organ Donation in Tamil Nadu; he further shared a video of the donor’s mother Dr. Pushpanjali Ashokan speaking on the importance of Organ Donation in a news channel.

He further explained the Concepts of Organ Donation and its importance.  Other topics covered in the talk were:

  1. Difference between Organ Donation and Whole Body Donation
  2. Shared a survey about the road accidents in Tamil Nadu as it is the main cause for Brain Death
  3. Information on the registry which MOHAN Foundation started
  4. The registry which was started by other states following Tamil Nadu
  5. The start of Transplant hospital in Delhi and Chennai

This was followed by Q&A session. The question that was raised by the participants:

  1. Can head be transplanted as Lord Ganesha’s head was transplanted?
  2. Why are more transplants done in Private hospital compared to Government Hospitals?

Each question was answered by Dr. Sunil Shroff. MOHAN Foundation thanks Ms. Sushi Natrajan of Chennai Heritage for organizing this program. 


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