MOHAN Foundation conducts a session on organ donation awareness at Golden Rays CHS (Lokhandwala), Andheri

On 10th July, 2016, MOHAN Foundation Mumbai was invited by Mr. Naresh Dewan the society member of Golden Rays to conduct an awareness session on Organ Donation.


Mrs. Jaya Jairam began the session explaining on what is Organ Donation, when, who, why and how can it be done? Then she spoke about what is transplantation. She mainly focused on the need for organs, India’s organ donation rate, brain stem death, how to diagnose, certify and who can certify, cornea donation, cultural and religious barriers, and myths related to organ donation. She also explained about Transplantation of Human Organs Act, 1994.


Jaya presented the demand and supply gap of organs in our country, which justifies the need to donate organs. The talk also focused on the low organ donation rate of our country (0.50 pmp) which is even less than 1 person per million population.


The members actively participated and it was quite interactive with many questions being asked and answered. They were shown a three minute video on importance of organ donation as a Gift of Life.


About 30 members attended the program and were distributed information brochures. 22 members have pledged their Organs.


We thank Golden Rays CHS, especially the organizing members, Mr. Naresh Dewan and Mr. Ashok Madnani for this initiative. 


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