MOHAN Conducts an Awareness Program on Organ Donation at [24]7 Customer Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad

MOHAN Foundation was invited by Mr. Rizwan to give a talk on organ donation at [24]7 Customer Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad on October 27, 2015, as a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility activity to spread awareness among their core group of employees to take this movement forward.


[24]7 is an information technology services company with its headquarters in California, USA with offices in London, Sydney, Bangalore, Hyderabad and also in The Philippines. The company develops sales- and service-oriented software encompassing big data, predictive analytics, virtual agents and real-time decision making. It integrates different channels of communication, including web chat, mobile devices and interactive voice response, which incorporate the company's proprietary natural language technology. Its largest customers are in telecommunications, financial services, retail, insurance and travel industries.


Dr. Koti Reddy explained the importance and need of organ donation, concept of brain death, how to register for a donor card, THO Act and most important how all the employees of [24]7 can spread the message of organ donation. Around 50 senior personnel attended the session and will spread the message among other employees.


MOHAN Foundation expresses its gratitude to [24]7 Customer Pvt. Ltd and in particular its CSR team for providing this opportunity and for organizing this awareness session for a noble cause.


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