MOHAN Foundation Conducts an Awareness Session at Oakridge International School, Hyderabad

MOHAN FOUNDATION was invited to Oakridge International School, Hyderabad, to deliver an awareness talk on organ donation on September 23, 2015. Oakridge International School is an independent International school established by renowned educationist, Shomie Das at Hyderabad in 2001.


The session was attended by the faculty and students of the school. The session was made possible through the initiative and enthusiasm of Ms. Deepa Anand, who is one of the faculty members at the Oakridge International School.


Dr. Preeti. Nair conducted the session on behalf of MOHAN Foundation. She enlightened the students on what is organ donation , types of organ donation, concept of brain death, its causes and procedures to establish it, the organ donation rates and how India still needs to do a lot to improve the organ donation rates.


A highly interactive session followed the talk, wherein questions on various aspects were put forward by the enthusiastic students. Questions such as “How long can patients live after transplantation,” “How prominently is transplantation performed across the world,”, “Do all religions accept and encourage organ transplantation.” All in all, it was a wonderful session with 250 bright students who undoubtedly will carry the message of Organ Donation forward to their near and dear relatives. They were also asked to write an essay and make posters to be displayed either in their notice boards, apartment notice boards and also to post them on social media sites.


Ms. Deepa Anand and Ms. Deeplatha, faculty members at Oakridge International School, pledge to become organ donors, thus encouraging the children to take further action in spreading the noble message. The school requested for about 250 information brochures and Donor Cards which were distributed to the children to encourage their parents to pledge their Organs.


MOHAN FOUNDATION is grateful to Oakridge International School for extending their support towards the noble cause of organ donation.


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