Transplant Coordinators Training Program - Day 6

The 6th day of the Transplant coordinators training program started with Dr Gomathy’s lecture on liver and pancreas transplantation. She explained all the parts and functions of the liver and its importance of being the power house of the human body. She also said that 374 successful liver transplantation have been done in India alone and this shows the growth rate in all aspects like, awareness, acceptance, technology, expertise and knowledge related to Transplantation. Dr Gomathy’s lecture helped the students understanding liver transplantation, its complications and its development in the Indian context.

The next session was about tissue typing and cross matching for this the students were taken to lister laboratories, where Mrs. Petricia gave a lecture and took the students around the laboratory and showed the ways in which tissue typing and cross matching is done. Here the students were able to learn why a tissue typing and cross matching is needed, its importance in transplantation and the role it plays in determining the acceptance and rejection of a donor organ in a recipients body.

The next session was on paediatric brain death by Dr Bala Ramachandran. He explained that there is no much difference in paediatric brain death and adult brain death, and the protocols and management were all the same. He also explained about the time differences in declaring brain death for paediatric and adult brain death patients.

The next session was by Dr T Venkatachalam on brain death declaration and management. The session was more informative and useful in knowing the various drugs used, ventilation management, temperature regulation, chest radiograph, antibiotics, etc in maintaining brain dead patients. The next session by Dr Selvakumar on Post-Mortem. He explained about complications involved in conducting autopsy in brain death patients. He shared some of his experiences regarding brain death.


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