Ride-A-Thon on Organ Donation awareness by HCL Tech

MOHAN Foundation was invited by HCL Tech to set up a stall on Organ Donation on March 27 2010, for a Ride-A-Thon they had arranged. (Gayatri, Febi, Veena and Vinoth represented MOHAN Foundation)

We reached at 7.30 am and set up our stall. The atmosphere was electric with about 200 cyclists raving to go! There was also a small drums band that was belting out traditional beats to entertain the participants. A few of the cyclists carried MOHAN Foundation slogans.

The event was officially flagged off by the IT Minister Ms. Poongothai at 8.15 am,and all the cyclists chugged off. There were a few people who came by the stall despite the heat. Febi and Veena explained about Organ donation to the visitors. There was a 16 year old who came by, and we gave her Donor card to hold onto for 2 years before she could officially own the card!

When the cyclists returned, about 10 people came by our stall to get donor cards.

All in all, it was a nice experience setting up the stall, it was great fun to be part of the event and hopefully there would be more such events in future.




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