One Year E-learning Certificate Course for Transplant Coordinators

Course Details

The course has five components

  1. E-learning online modules – There are 60 modules that cover the medical, legal, ethical and religious aspects of organ donation and transplantation as well as counseling, grief counseling and transplant coordination. The modules include theory, PowerPoint presentations, video lectures and films.

  2. One week face-to-face contact sessions at MOHAN Foundation in Chennai.

  3. Application oriented field visits

  4. Assignments

  5. Project


On completion of the course, the candidate will have to take the final examination and viva voce.

Total hours – 480

2 Hours X 5 Days X 4 Weeks X 12 Months = 480 Hours

(40 hours = 1 month)
Content Unit No. of Units Hours per Unit Total Hours Duration
E-Modules Module 60 4 240 6 Months
Contact classes Day 5 8 40 1 Month
Project Project 1 120 120 3 Months
Assignment Assignment 16 2 32 2 Months
Application oriented visits* Visit 4 8 32 2 Months
Examination Exam 4 3 12 2 Months
Viva voce Viva 4 1 4 2 Months

* Application oriented visits (2 days) will be covered along with face-to-face contact sessions (5 days) in Chennai. The students are expected to make arrangements for 7 days’ stay in Chennai.

Course Fee

Rs.20,000 or USD 350 - includes fees for one week contact session. Paid by demand draft in name of MOHAN Foundation (Fees do not include travel, stay and food for the contact sessions)

Once accepted an online username and password will be issued to the candidate.