Indian Transplant Newsletter Vol. II Issue NO.: 6 (June 2000)

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  • A Gift of Life

    Editor’s note: Dr. K. Ganapathy has certified the first multi-organ brain dead donor in the country. This is his account of the event that created history.   Courtesy “The Hin...

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  • Cadaver transplantation in India

    Despite our constant reminders many centers undertaking cadaver transplantation failed to provide their latest figures. This makes compiling of such information very difficult. On the last count (Sep...

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  • Eminent figures of Transplantation

    Dr. Felix Rapaport is a familiar name in the world of transplantation. He served the Transplantation Society as Founding Secretary, past-President, and continuous council membership for 32 years and ...

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  • Human Genome Project’s Milestone

    For a revolution to happen many technologies help to evolve simultaneously and peak at the same time. We are on the fringe of such a revolution in the field of transplantation. The chemical book of l...

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  • In The News- International

    THREE-IN-ONE LIVER TRANSPLANT IN JAPAN. The world’s first liver transplant involving four patients was carried out by doctors at Kyoto University Hospital in Japan last year. Working In fo...

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  • In The News- National

    WORKSHOP FOR INTENSIVISTS HELD IN CHENNAI A workshop on intensive care of the brain dead multi-organ donor was held on June 11, 2000 at Sundaram Medical Foundation, Anna Nagar, Chennai. The Chen...

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