Indian Transplant Newsletter Vol. 9 Issue NO.: 28 (Oct 2009 - Feb 2010)

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  • Editorial Desk

    Transplant Coordinators Training Course - An Important Milestone in India   The recent announcement by MOHAN Foundation to undertake ‘Transp lant Coordinators Training Course&rsquo...

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  • In the News – National

    Kidney Federation Initiative by Catholic Priest   Father Davis Chiramel of the Thrissur Archdiocese in Kerala is unique in more ways than one. He has only one kidney and that is becaus...

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    Talking Figures - International Donor Rates – 2007 Timing of Request for Organ Donation Crucial For Consent Many more people would agree to donate the organs of a dead relative for t ...

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  • MOHAN Foundation’s Transplant Coordinators’ Training Programme

    MOHAN Foundation has been supporting the cause of deceased organ donation since 1997. Over the years the foundation has been involved in more than 200 successful organ donations and it has found that...

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  • Organ Donation and Tamil Nadu

    The current organ donation rate in India has edged up from 0.08 per million to 0.14 per million population. This is essentially due to the three states Tamil Nadu , Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat. leadin...

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  • Recommendations- THO Act

    Recommendations for Transplantation of Human Organs Act (Amendments) Bill, 2009 - To Standing Committee of Rajya Sabha The Govt. of India has asked for suggestions for amendment of Transplantation of Human Organs (THO) Act. The altered bill is waiting to be cleared by the Rajya Sabha and it is hoped that the new bill should be applicable in the next 6 months. The current altered THO act plugs many gaps in the living donation programme but does little for the deceased donation and transplantation programme. There are only three recommendations that have been included to promote the programme- 1. Compulsory appointment of Transplant coordinators to get hospital registration 2. In event of brain death in a hospital – it is mandatory to ask for organs 3. Enlarging the pool of doctors to certify brain death Please refer to link for the amended THO document –   http...

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  • Tamil Nadu Govt. Orders

    Tamil Nadu Health Department Government Orders on Organ Donation and Transplantation – Summary Taking cognizance of the fact that there are a number of brain deaths in the state of Tamil N...

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