Indian Transplant Newsletter Vol. VII Issue NO.: 22/23 (Feb-Jun 2006)

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  • Editorial Desk

    LIVER TRANSPLANT PROGRAMME IN INDIA One of the recent beneficiaries of the cadaver transplant programme has been the liver transplant programme. In the last 4 to 5 years almost 4 to 5 units have...

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  • Gift of Life

    You can help us make the Gift of Life Organ transplantation has been one of the greatest advances of modern science that has resulted in many dying patients getting a new lease of life. However, t...

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  • in the News - National

    Ms. Nayan Dhamdhere - A crusader of organ donation in India passes away. In both sickness and in health she  promoted  organ donation in India with the greatest zeal. She worked ...

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  • In the News- International

    Liver transplant – partial versus whole liver transplant   Which works better in liver transplants – transplanting a portion of a liver donated from a living donor or tran...

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  • Religion and Organ Donation

    HINDUISM AND ORGAN DONATION Om Gam Ganapataye Namah (I surrender myself to you, lord of the hosts) Lord Ganesha is a much loved deity of the Hindus , since he is the Lord of Good Fortune w...

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  • Take heart

    Supermom to the rescue   This is one act that even Superman could not be able to beat. It was supermom Preeti Iswar, who came to the rescue of her daughter, Meenu Nanwani, and saved her ...

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