Indian Transplant Newsletter Vol. V Issue NO.: 16 (Oct 2003 - Feb 2004)

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  • Editorial desk... The VIII All India Transplant and First Official SAARC Games in Chennai.

    Among all these scandals the one event that brought smiles to the transplant programme was the Transplant games held at Chennai’s Rajarathnam Stadium on 13 and 14 December 2003. For the first ...

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  • Editorial desk... Transplant programmes in India in turmoil

    Transplant programmes in India in turmoil The last two - thre years have slowly seen the media and beurocrats take an upper hand in the transplant programme. The media has constantly expose...

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    At the registration desk  - Ms Nitya  At the entrance of the stadium sat a few of our volunteers all ready to start!. We were all ready with bags and tags for doctors, patients, sp...

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    Mrs. Shaliaja Krishnan In everyone’s life, there is a moment of greatest influence.  Participating in VIII All India Transplant Games was such a  incident in my life af...

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    Let someone know the joys of life – Donate your organs  ... R.SWAMI NARAYAN Swami -  19 years old with dreams in his eyes, a dream of doing well in college, a dream to tra...

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  • READY SET ..... GO!

    READY SET ..... GO! Dr Sumana Sundaram   Will it , won’t it, will it, wont it rain on December 13 and 14, 2003 was  a question uppermost in our minds since the ...

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