Indian Transplant Newsletter Vol. I Issue NO.: 1 (October 1998)

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  • Editorial Desk of ITN 1

    This newsletter is the first of its kind from India. Since the passing of the historical “THE TRANSPLANTATION OF HUMAN ORGANS ACT” in 1994, the cadaver transplantation activity in India h...

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  • International- Tissue trade in Hungary

    A lawsuit was filed by a Hungarian woman alleging that tissue and bone were illegally removed from her dead mother’s leg without the consent of the family. Her mother had not expressed a wish t...

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  • International-Organs from china on sale

    Two Chinese men were arrested in the United States of America for trying to sell organs for transplantation. The organs were supposedly removed for executed Chinese prisoners. On sale were lungs, liv...

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  • National-Kidneys for sale

    An oft repeated, sorry tale – reports of a kidney being stolen from a young from a village who had come to Mumbai in search of a job.   Here is one such story. This young man left hi...

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  • National-Losers all

    Yet another allegation of a kidney being stolen. The doctors were arrested and put in jail. The Indian Medical Association reiterated that it was impossible to remove a kidney without the person&rsqu...

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  • Together in life and death

    TOGETHER IN LIFE AND DEATH                Here is a moving story of a Professor of Urology whose death from cardiac arrest g...

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  • Transplant coordinators doctors who make all the difference

    The Critical Care Unit – the scene of innumerable battles between life and death. Life triumphs at times, death at others. The doctors working there have to be ever prepared to deal with grievi...

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    TRANSPLANT FACTS Number of transplants worldwide last year : 37,693 Number of transplants performed to date : 544,313 First Human Kidney Transplant : 1954, Boston First Pancreas Transp...

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