Organ donation awareness talk at Tata Consulting Services, Thoriapakkam

MOHAN Foundation was invited by Tata Consulting Services (TCS) Thoriapakkam for an Organ Donation Awareness Program by Mr. Dinesh Raja, on 07th March 2017.  Mr. Siva Shankar and Ms. Sridivya represented MOHAN Foundation.

A video on “Live beyond Life” was played to prime the employees out the cause. Mr. Siva Shankar then started with a question:  Which organs can be donated? There were many answers from the participants. They were very much interested to know about organ donation. Then he started explaining about organ donation and its procedures. He explained about Brain Death, counseling and the importance of family consent.  He further explained about patient registries, allocation of donated organs and briefly explained about “TRANSTAN”.

The interactive session ended with a 30 minute  q&a from the speaker and the audience. Some questions asked were:

  1. At what age the organs can be donated?
  2. What is the procedure to receive an organ?
  3. Who can’t donate their organs?
  4. Can the organs be given to a friend?
  5. If a person donates his/her kidney to the family member, after that when same donor requires the kidney will it be transplanted again?
  6. What is Tissue Donation?
  7. After pledging the donor card, how come the hospital will know about it?
  8. If a person commits suicide which organs can be donated?

For each question Mr. Siva Shankar answered with patience.

Next a video was played which explained Brain Death. Ms. Sridivya explained the video in short about brain death so that they can understand it properly. At last a donor video was played to motivate the participants for pledging their organs. There were around 70 participants and everyone took their donor cards.  MOHAN Foundation thanks Mr. Dinesh Raja for organizing the program on their office. 


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