Angels of Change volunteer training program in Shanthiniketan School, Chennai – Day 1

Updated on Monday, August 7, 2017
  • MOHAN Foundation conducted an Angels of Change volunteer training program in Shanthiniketan Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Sembakkam on 05th August 2017. Mr. Siva Shankar and Mr. Immanuel represented MOHAN Foundation and Mr. K. Prakash, Transplant Coordinator Kamatchi Hospital was the Guest Speaker. 34 students from 11th standard science volunteered to undertake the training.

    The program started with introduction to the Angels of Change program and the activities of MOHAN Foundation by Mr. Siva Shankar. Mr. Prakash conducted an Ice-breaking session with 10 students. It was a game based on the topic of Organ Donation.

    Mr. Siva Shankar continued the program starting with the Concepts of Organ Donation and its need right now in the country. He explained the concepts by asking questions and making the students to answer so that the students can understand and get the information to the fullest, the presentation went on for 20 minutes. In the next session Mr. Prakash spoke about the role of Transplant Coordinators in the field of Organ Donation. The students were very much interested to hear this topic as the students understood that it was a challenging yet gratifying position. 

    The students were sent for a lunch break and post the break the training started with a game called “Missing Letters” was based on Organ Donation. The students were able to answer the questions properly and in this way recalled the morning session. This was followed with discussion about the ways of taking the message to the public throughposters and public talks. The students were divided into three groups so that each group can do their tasks and activities. The students are given time till 19th August to prepare their activities.

    MOHAN Foundation thanks Ms. Bala Subramaniam, Principal of Shanthiniketan Matriculation Higher Secondary School for promoting this noble cause.

    Source-Siva Shankar T. S.
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